about me

I am not a writer, not a journalist, not a professional musician nor a tech expert. Nothing of this. The existence of marvinjames.nl is solely based on my passion for pc hardware, gaming (something with #pcmasterrace) and music. Besides having these passions, I also enjoy talking about, discussing and sharing them with other people. Not only is it entertaining, it also tends to learn you a thing or two.

On marvinjames.nl I will share my reviews, blogs and music related articles with you. Concerning reviews, I will try to be as objective as possible although this isn’t always possible. A review is a personal thing. So keep in mind: reviews on this website are my sole opinion.

Let me know if you share my opinions, but even more so if you don’t! Nothing is more fun than talking about and discussing your passions!¬†#jointhetalk¬†So be sure to leave a message!

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