a recap of 2018 – part four

a recap of 2018 – part four

As the shows of High School Musical are approaching and my enthusiasm for musicals increases more and more. A new opportunity pops up right in front of me. Auditions for one of my favourite musicals. What will this bring me?

June 2018

For me, a working 30+ guy with a house and a wife, it is not so easy finding time to rehearse. During the week, I wake up early, go to work, come home and then cook / eat / clean. There are always things that need to be fixed, administrative tasks to be done, etc. Basically, I only got a two to three hour timeframe in the evening (at best!) that are free time. The weekends fill up quite quickly with household chores, (grocery) shopping, visiting friends or go do something fun.

In the end, I need to spend most of my free time on musicals (learning lyrics, melodies, recording for easier learning). This leaves me with very little for my significant other. It is difficult finding a balance between personal life, my working life and my creative life. I am still struggling with that.

When the RENT auditions popped up into my life, I had quite some difficulty in deciding to participate in it or not. My wife was far from happy about it. Especially since she experienced how time-consuming HSM turned out to be. On top of that, RENT and HSM would overlap for two months, giving me even less time for other things. Arguments were had about this.

Literally on the day of the RENT auditions I decided to participate. They had actually already started when I decided to go. Only in the car did I start practicing the song I wanted to audition with: Another Day. Arriving about two hours (!!!) late I had already missed the dancing auditions and the individual (singing) auditions were already halfway doneā€¦ I was really lucky here as the production company already knew me. Otherwise this would definitely mean a no-go.

What I noticed most about these auditions, was how chatty everyone was. How eager all of them wanted to participate. While I was waiting for to start my audition, I could hear the other people do theirs and I knew this was going to be something special. It was such a different experience compared to HSM and it felt good. Really good.

A couple of days later I got the call: I got cast as Roger Davis. One of the leading roles in the musical, an HIV-positive rock musician who is desperately trying to create his magnum opus now that he is looking death in the eye. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful parts I will ever play. Looking forward to this new adventure! Part five coming soon!

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