a recap of 2018 – part three

a recap of 2018 – part three

A new chapter in my life. A new adventure that will take approximately nine months. I am about to be introduced into the world of (amateur) musicals. What will this bring? In today’s episode, I will tell you all about it. 

February 2018

Alphen aan de Rijn is the stage of Daphne Bruineberg Productions’ third High School Musical production, an amateur musical production company, after hitting two other cities in the past year. It will also be their last High School Musical production as they will not be expanding to another city.

I remember the first rehearsals all too well. A bunch of people that don’t know each other in a big room. Mostly silence, apart from the air-conditioning. Definitely a little uncomfortable. But we the group would grow closer in the months to come.

Now, HSM is not a musical masterpiece nor the pinnacle of excellent screenplay, but it has been the perfect starting challenge for me. Vocally it was quite heavy due to the high pitched melodies I had to throw in there and I barely sang for almost ten years. I never acted on stage and don’t even get me started about the dancing…

June 2018

Fast forward! A lot has happened in about five months’ time. Besides being very excited to perform the show in November, the rehearsals for HSM are well on their way and things are coming together. Not just the play itself, but also the group, the people. People have connected and started talking, bonding, etc. The group spirit is definitely here!

On a more personal note, it got me more and more enthusiastic about playing in musicals and gave me enough confidence to believe that I can actually pull this off on stage.

Now, the production company has announced its newest musical production. Rehearsals starting in October and performances are in early June 2019. The show they announced? RENT. Hands down, my favourite musical. When I got the opportunity to audition for RENT, I could not resist…

Part four coming soon!

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