a recap of 2018 – part two

a recap of 2018 – part two

Last week, part one of my 2018 recap went live. Officially I discussed December 2018, but ah well. Today I continue this most exciting story. The year 2018 has started. More accurately, it is the first week January. It had a surprise in store for me.

January 2018

Predetermination is not really my thing. Why bother if you’re not being able to influence the outcome? However, January’s first week surely felt like it. Barely a week after getting my mind set on getting back into music, the local newspaper dropped on my doorstep. A small ad on the front page caught my eye. Auditions for High School Musical (HSM), made possible by Daphne Bruineberg Productions.

Not from the newspaper, but the official announcement by Daphne Bruineberg Productions.

I had never given musicals a proper thought. First of all, I am not a fan of musicals per se (dancing is not my forte either). Second, it was HSM. I had already missed the hype in the past and it felt a bit too much like a kids thing. Scepticism was very much present. Still, it felt like this was a great opportunity to improve my vocal skills and also get a taste of acting and dancing. So, why not? A couple of days later, I received my auditioning information.

It was a Thursday evening. About fifteen people were waiting quietly in a common area. Mostly teenagers around the age of seventeen. I tried for some small talk, which was no easy task with the nerves in the room. I remember the sound of the air-conditioning vividly. It was very present and loud compared to the silent group of people. After a vocal warming up and a dance audition with the whole group, I auditioned for the role of Coach Bolton. Then, the waiting began.

A couple of days later, the call came. I was cast as the lead role; Troy Bolton! It was a surprising twist of events, which excited me, but I also knew this was going to be a challenge. It’s not an easy part to play and even tougher to sing. I mean, even Zac Efron did not sing the in High School Musical 1 due to the high pitch. It did however, meant my induction into the Guiness Book of Records for being the oldest actor ever to play Troy Bolton! Time to start rehearsing…

Part three coming soon!

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