a recap of 2018 – part one

a recap of 2018 – part one

Life has a funny way to suddenly change direction. And change direction, it surely did. Hands down, this has been the most surprising year of my life. A reignited flame of passion, dozens of amazing new people and an unmeasurable amount of happiness. On top of that, I finally managed to compose this new post! It isn’t much but it took all year. Flashback: Part One!

December 2008

One year ago I wrote my first post for this website. Back then I figured this year was going to focus on my hobby: tech. I was wrong. It turned out this year would focus on my biggest passion: music.

It has almost been ten years since my last album release (Florida Snow, listen on YouTube or Spotify). Soon after the release, I abandoned the dream of a career in music and traded it in for the steady life. Making a living, behind a desk, in an office. You know. It is true by the way! The older you get, the faster time goes by…

Florida Snow – 2008

Just a few blinks later and *boom* I was 33 years old. For reasons unknown, it triggered a moment of self-reflection; I evaluated my dreams, my life goals and my achievements. It was slightly shocking to realize that some things were no longer possible due to the restrictions of my aging physique. Example: to become a professional football player is no longer an option. Not that I want to be. Never wanted to be either. Just for the sake for this example… This “door” is now forever closed.

All of a sudden I felt how much I missed singing, performing and the rush of creating something with a group of passionate people. A flame that had almost died over the years spontaneously transformed into a big fire. The drive to pursue my creative ambitions exploded. It’s crazy how something so obvious took me almost ten years to figure out and was now screaming now or never. It was clear to me now. Top item on my New Year’s Resolution? Get back into music and perform. And maybe give acting a little try…

Part two coming soon! 

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