new beginnings in 2018

new beginnings in 2018

First of all: Happy new year! That it may be a prosperous and healthy year for all of us! Second of all, I welcome you to my renewed website!

It has been a long journey to discover the purpose I had with The site has seen many designs, approaches, styles and directions. Still I was never happy with the results. Too many options, too little focus and I also had a major lack of time.

After years of chronic lack of time, peace and quite returned into my life and gave me the space to pick up whatever was. This time, with clear and final approach. No matter what I tried in the past I always came back to passion for tech (pc in particular), gaming (#pcmasterrace) and music.

The result of all of this, is that I’m writing this on a snow white day in the final days of November 2017. The proverbial light has been seen and that is why you can enjoy in all it’s glory from January 2018. May this be a great year!

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Written by MarvinJamesNL - januari 1, 2018 - 761 Views